Email SignatureFormat Tips and Suggestions

How does your email signature look like? Are you following a certain email signature format? Does it reflect your personal interests or area of expertise? Does it include all your contact information and links to your site? Does it reflect the professional image you desire?

Nowadays, more and more professionals, businessmen and freelancers recognize the power of email signature as an effective marketing tool in promoting their interest. Yet there is still a lot who doesn’t know how to use its full potential in the business.

To guide you on how to make the best email signature that will suit your objectives, we have streamlined some suggestions you can find online:

  • Add a Picture of Your Establishment:

Add a Picture of Your Establishment

In this example from Mixtape Communication, they have showcased how you can insert your firm’s photo in the signature, not too big, not too small. The size of the photo should compensate the size of the other elements such as the font type and size (

  • Promote Your Company Logo:

Promote Your Company Logo

The email signature is also an effective tool in promoting your company logo.  This style can specially be effective if your objective is to introduce your company to the email recipients. To get more ideas on how you can effectively capitalize on your logo on your email signature, check out Logo Design New Zealand ( blog/index.php/it-latest/10-great-ideas-to-promote-your-company-logo/)

  • Keeping it Simple:  One internet service provider, Cookie Web, suggests that your email signature should be kept simple, neat and tidy. It should contain only the things that you will normally place in your calling card, no lengthy literatures that recipients will not care to read.  To know more on how Cookie Web can n possibly help you, visit their link /2012/02/email-signatures-either-you-need-one-or-its-too-big-or/
  • Download a Signature Making Software: If you are still uncertain of how you would like your email signature look like, WiseStamp Branding Center ( offers a downloadable signature-making tool with a lot of available templates for you to choose from.
  • Simplistic is Fantastic: Shoestring  Branding ( suggests that good email signatures are those that are simple, with less colors and images, focusing on the most important component, the contact details.
  • Uniformity:


Especially for big organizations, suggests that there should be uniformity in the signature block.  Some organizations may not notice it but giving your employees free hand to design their own e-signatures can give the impression of unprofessionalism and sloppiness. 

There are many approaches in creating the best email signature for you or your organization, but there is something that you should ALWAYS keep in your mind – the best email signature should be clear, concise and should contain all necessary information that will reflect the nature of your intention to the recipients.

What email signature format are you following?