Sushi Nutrition Facts – Is your food really healthy?

Sushi has gone a lot of changes for so many centuries now. Regardless of this though, the fondness to it is still beyond control. It started as a simple vinegard rice dish. Then, it turned into fancy hand rolls which are seen in most Japanese restaurants today. It does not matter whether one is into stick, or sashimi over rice. There are still sushi nutrition facts that have to be learned. Today, it is possible for it to resemble a sushi roll such as California Roll. There might still a lot of people out there who wonder how healthy sushi is.

The Real Nutrition of Sushi

The nutrition found on sushi may differ. As said, there are traditional and then the modern ones. Of course, sushi will always be small. However, do not underestimate it because every pack may come with a massive number of calories. This would depend on one’s order of course. What other facts are meant to be learned by those who love sushi so much?

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There are many kinds of sushi. For example, there is Nori. This comes with black seaweed wrappers. Usually, they are utilized to resemble the form of sushi rolls. Makizushi is another. This goes with cylindrical sushi rolls. Usually, they have nori on their outside. There are times when they are thick, or thin. There are also instances when they can be large or small. It would only depend on the content. There is also another called Uramaki. This is a roll which is dubbed as the inside-out. Usually, the rice is found outside. And then, the nori is placed in its center. There are instances when the rice coating comes with sesame seeds. There may also be roe. A popular uramaki is termed as the California Roll. Nigirizushi is a hand-pressed sushi. This is the nigiri sushi. This is created with a clump of rice. There is also a raw fish sliced and pressed on its top. There are instances when thin strip is also made a part of it. It is the one ideal for binding.

Since the kinds are already clear, it may be the perfect time to take a closer look at the nutrition content of California Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll.

California Roll is found in Los Angeles. It was chef Ichiro Mashita responsible for it. This was the time when an avocado slice was substituted for the fatty tuna. Indeed, this California Roll falls under the contemporary sushi dish.

Vegetarians should stick to Keppa Maki though. This comes with lower calorie because it is only made up of cucumber strips which are placed in rice. They are also found in nori. Spicy tuna on the other hand comes with a high amount of protein. This is composed of chili sauce, tuna and mayo. For those who seek for a healthier option, and the mayo may be excluded. Instead, a wasabi may do. Without putting the mayo, one is freed of 100 calories. This is like 9 g of fat.