Arlington National Cemetery Facts – Surprising history

It was in the year 1868 when the Arlington National Cemetery turned out to be the concentrated and mere focal point of the commemorations undertaken for the National Memorial Day. This will always be included in most Arlington National Cemetery facts. This was the time when the United States honored their fallen military heroes. These were in the exploration of eight surprising facts.  These were all about the sacred pieces which are all situated in the grounds of America. These are just among the information that has to be discovered by the Arlington National Cemetery. There are still more. What are these?

First of all, the Arlington National Cemetery is found on the confiscated estate of the late Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Days after his resignation from the United States’ army way back on the 20th of April 1861, he took command of the forces of Virginian in the midst of the Civil War. It was Robert E. Lee who had to leave the Arlington state. During that time, he was able to marry Mary Lee. Since then, they lived together for almost three decades. This was the reason why he never returned again. It was in May 23, 1861 when Virginia decided to secede in the union. Most of these union troops crossed the river of Potomac. This was taken from the national capital and these occupied almost 200-acre of property. Since then, the house built and created by George Washington Parke Curtis was occupied by the mentioned union.

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There was a time when Mary Lee was finally confined to her wheelchair. It needs to come to a point when a representative was instead took off. The person acted as the representative in order for the tax bill to be paid. This was done personally. The government also had to seize the property in the year 1864.

Washington D.C finally decided to team up with dead soldiers during that time. This was the reason why they ran out of burial space. It was Quarter General Montgomery C. Meigs who made sure to formally propose to Arlington. This was in the location of the new military cemetery. As for May 13, 1864, 21-year-old William Christman from Pennsylvania died because of peritonitis. He was the very first military man who was buried at the Arlington.

There was a need to make sure that the house will not be inhabited because it was directed towards the Lees. With this in mind, Meigs had to direct the graves in order to be placed as close to the mansion as possible. This was the time when the remains of almost 2,111 was ordered. These were the unknown soldiers who were then killed in the midst of the battlefield. This was done near that of the Washington DC. They were placed inside the vault of the rose garden of the Lees’.

Exhumation of almost 17,000 graves were the result of the ruling of the supreme court in the year 1882. This was observed after the death of Lee.