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Top 6 Free Beat Maker Download That Can Increase Your Chances Of Being Discover

Anyone who has a talent and flair for musical composition would like his or her song or composition to be recorded. If you are one, then this free beat maker download can certainly increase your chances of being discovered by a musical  producer or talent scout.

One way to make this happen is to record your song or musical composition through beat maker software. In so doing, your songs or recordings can be uploaded  on YouTube and the listening public would hear and come to know about your work.  In fact, so many people become an instant and overnight sensation through this medium.

To make your dreams come true, there are many free beat maker download that can help you show off your artistic talent and inventiveness that is in you.

free beat maker download

Here are some free beat maker download that you might consider:

1. Magix Music Maker

Magix Music maker can do so many things. It can really do wonders and magic. All the features you’re possibly looking for in a beat maker like sound effect, drum beat, music synthesizer which enable you to make the right mix of vocals, sounds and other effects are all here.

Just by using a microphone you can bring and record practically all your sounds–vocals, live instruments, and blend it with your digital concoctions of sounds.

Take for example a drum beat. You can make a continuous play of drumbeat then add some different and unique sound effect to create a new style of sounds. Changing from one sound to another sound is a bit easy.

2. Dub TurboBeats Maker Software

If the Dub TurboBeats Maker Software can be described in just one word, it is versatility. Easy to use in any musical genre with all its unique styles and features-your hot sounding beats can quickly be produced and recorded with this device.

With its shortcut features you can easily juggle around the application and generate your own musical mix which is at par with any studio quality produce output.

Rappers, Singers, DJ’s, Artists, Producers and other Talent and Audi/Techno Enthusiast will find this software a useful companion.

free beat maker download

3. Sonic Producer 2.0

Sonic Producer 2.0 is so easy to use that even a newbie can create and produce his or her own brand of beat and track. What are some unique features of Sonic Producer 2.0? It has a 4 Ocative keyboard and 12 drums which you could customize. Downloading your beat in MP3 and uploading the same to the internet is just a click.

There are thousands of sounds to pick from plus its auto saving devices which enable you to pause and resume your sound mix later on.

4. Propellerhead Reason

If you want a combination of synthesizers, loop players, drum devices and effects and samplers then Propeller Reason is just right for you. All the musical instrument and sound effects sounds real as it can be. Recording, programming and arranging your music is made easy with Propellershead’s sequencer.

Its studio like quality is superb and second to none. Propeller’s mixer creates a clear, crisp and powerful sound you could ever hear of.

5. Dr. Drum

Dr. Drum creates a distinct beat and tracts that is a sure winner that could make everyone dance, jam and into the groove. If you’re a DJ, then for sure you would like everyone dancing on the floors. Among its feature is the 16 Track Sequencer which makes it easy for you to create, review and edit your compose and mix tracts.

6.  Sony Creative Sound Forge 10

Sony Creative Sound Forge 10 is the state of the art software for your own audio production. Indeed, a masterpiece in sound engineering. Recording all your live instruments and vocals, and having a perfect mix plus an easy convertible file are some of the things which this gadget can do.

Now the Sony Creative Sound forge has a single Audio Enhancer that makes all the sound quality enhancing processes available with just a click of the mouse.

With this array of free beat maker download, your dream of becoming a recording artist is just within reach. Follow your dream and check them out. It is indeed, just a beat away.

Factors Why Your Mac Runs Slow: Is It Time To Throw It Out?

mac runs slow

If your Mac runs slow then you will be left behind in a computer track and field race. Worst, you will never reach the finish line on such a snail or turtle pace mode. Is it time to throw out your Mac?

A Mac that runs slow means it is not at the peak of its computers performance. It is a waste of precious time.  It is irritating. Technically speaking, if your Mac is running below the range of 1.5-2.5Ghz or 1.0GHz, it means your Mac is slow.

If that is the case,  what are the factors or the reasons why your Mac runs slow and what do you need to do about it?

Reason Why Mac Runs Slow

Just like any human invention or technologies, the simple “wear and tear” factor is the prime reason.  The brand new PCs of course function differently from an old one. Other factors would be lack of disk space in the computer, insufficient random access memory (RAM), simultaneous or multiple application running at the same time, or it could be that your computer is filled with so many icons or that its hard drive is breaking down or malfunctioning.

mac runs slow

Running at Maximum Speed

There are ways and means or solutions to make the speed of your Mac computer runs at its optimum level such as:

  • Mac Update

Make your Mac up to date. This is doable by using OS X mavericks. It’s free and it can easily be downloaded.OS X features powerful and strong application for browsing the web, transmitting messages and programming reminders plus other features.

  • Regulate Startup

Just remove or erase all the unnecessary or unwanted files accumulating gradually on your computer. The over-all effect of cluttered files is to slow down your computer.Deleting all these useless files is like disposing excess baggage or shredding extra weight from your computer. Make your computer lighter and let it breathe.

First, look at your System Preferences and Users and Groups part of your computer system, next is to type in your user name. Then press the log in items and see each and every individual box program that you don’t really need and delete it.

  • Check the Activity Monitor

The activity monitor contains all the lists of application and other processes inside your computer. This can be done by deleting or removing one by one all these unnecessary applications.The reason is to lessen the space being occupied by these applications which in effect eat up much space of the random access memory or RAM.

  • Upgrade or Clean Your Hard Drive

Another thing to do is to upgrade your hard drive. For sure, this will entail costs especially if you want to have a new hard drive. Cleaning the hard drive is simply done by sorting out your files: what are the files that need to be deleted and what files are to be retained. Those files to be removed must be deleted immediately.

Knowing the reasons why your Mac runs slow, one must constantly do a computer maintenance check-up. You don’t need to throw out your machine just yet.

The Best Way To Optimize Your Email Experience

ThunderBird is an email-browser that will help you have a more organized email account. If you are a businessman or a hard-working employee of a big company and you need to have a better email interface, you can consider having ThunderBird. If you are a Mac user, ThunderBird for Mac 10.5.8 download is available online. This app can definitely help you complete your emailing tasks faster and in a more convenient manner.


ThunderBird can help manage your emails. It can screen the emails that are coming in your inbox. It can keep the spam from getting in your inbox. It will also take the junk out of your inbox. It can quickly adapt to your preferences and automatically remove, block, or disregard the emails that are considered useless or spam. Who needs spam on the computer, right? It’s a total inconvenience. That’s why ThunderBird will take it out for you.


ThunderBird is also user-friendly. It simply needs your name, an email address, and a password, and you can instantly start using it. If you have finished this stage, ThunderBird will check its database and look for an email setting for you. This app is also very easy to customize. This way, your email account will look and work according to your preferences. This will help you complete the email tasks you have for your job or business more efficiently.


Emails have some of the most important documents or files for your job, business, or even personal life. This is why it is very important that the files and data you send through your email are safe and secured. ThunderBird can give you the security you need and deserve.


Check out this ThunderBird Blog that tells you how useful this app could be for your Mac. Your email sending and receiving tasks has never been this easy especially now with ThunderBird. This blog is just one out of many, as Thunderbird is the undisputed king when it comes to organizing your email account. Especially for business, otherwise Afro wouldn’t have recommended it, right?

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